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You collect 4,276 lbs of buffalonium, but your wagon can only carry 3 lbs more.

Spanning one-ninth of the earth’s circumference across three continents, the Roman Empire ruled a quarter of humanity through complex networks of political power, military domination and economic exchange. These extensive connections were sustained by premodern transportation and communication technologies that … Continue reading

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Why are Christians so concerned about sex?

When English interpretations of the New Testament talk about ‘sexual immorality’ they are really translating the Greek word porneia (πορνεία), it’s used almost every time the topic of sex comes up and often when talking about the worst sins in … Continue reading

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Torpedoing the fun

This is a trailer for The Master, an awesome movie about a WWII sailor who returns home to found a new religion inspired by the story of Scientology, but I wanted to mention something neat that you might not have … Continue reading

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A brief introduction to how I am going to be approaching biblical exegesis in this blog

It would be unimaginably awesome if we had contemporary accounts by perfectly disinterested observers, or better yet multiple independent ones, but the contents of the bible really is pretty much the best we’ve got for figuring out what the dude … Continue reading

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