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An Annotated Filmography of Charlie Chaplin

Director and/or star of many of the greatest films ever made including The Great Dictator  (2:05:16) [Globe scene  and the eternally goosebump providing Final speech  ], The Immigrant  (20:01), The Gold Rush  (1:11:49), City Lights (1:22:40), Modern Times  (1:27:01), and Monsieur Verdoux  (1:59:03), Charlie Chaplin’s movies have entered the public domain in most countries. Below the fold … Continue reading

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Why are Christians so concerned about sex? SFW

When English interpretations of the New Testament talk about ‘sexual immorality’ they are really translating the Greek word porneia (πορνεία), it’s used almost every time the topic of sex comes up and often when talking about the worst sins in … Continue reading

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